Protecting the Protectors

The Story of Cardinal Point Advisors

“Our purpose is to promote the health and welfare of California’s public safety personnel who are in the Worker’s Compensation system. As a Special Purpose Corporation (SPC), we are here for a cause, not to make money.”
–Scott Sorensen, Founder, Cardinal Point Advisors

Cardinal Point Advisors was born out of Scott Sorensen’s own frustration with the Workers’ Compensation system. In 2000, he injured his back rescuing a trapped passenger from a vehicle. At the time the injury seemed minor and he almost did not report it. His Captain ordered him to report it however and he’s glad now that he did.

The injury was diagnosed as a lower back strain by the City’s doctor. The injury recurred regularly, prompting Scott to seek medical treatment repeatedly. In 2012 things took a turn for the worse. He had trouble walking up the stairs and putting on his shoes. By January 2014 he could barely get out of bed. He was in severe pain all day, every day. The City’s doctor requested an MRI, which was denied. The appeal for the MRI was also denied. Scott, like many before him, found himself at the end of the line and believed his career was over.

Down for the Count

He switched doctors and finally got an MRI which showed four herniated discs. From there he was able to get a neurosurgeon consult and receive approval for spinal injections. The injections took away his pain and allowed him to have effective physical therapy for the first time. There was one problem though. He had used up all his allotted physical therapy visits over the previous two years and requests for additional therapy were denied.

Scott was now back on modified duty but the Department and the City would not override the Utilization Review decision to deny physical therapy. They also would not authorize him to take time off to do Pilates, swimming, and yoga which four doctors recommended in writing in lieu of physical therapy. He ended up taking his accumulated vacation hours in order to rehabilitate his back. By November 2014, Scott worked his way back to full duty.

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