The CPA Program Creates a Bridge between the Worker and the Workers’ Compensation System

CPA empowers the public safety worker to successfully navigate the complexities and roadblocks of the Workers’ Compensation system to get the medical care they need without delay.

CPA Program relies on two key tools:

The Peer Advocate

Most public safety personnel are unfamiliar with how the Workers’ Compensation system works or what to do when work-related injuries or illness occur.

The CPA Program is uniquely modeled on the Peer Advocate as the bridge between the public safety worker and the system. The Peer Advocate is available at the time of injury and understands the labyrinth of complexities that are today’s Workers’ Compensation system. As such, the Peer Advocate is trained to recognize situations that require referral to Workers’ Compensation professionals such as attorneys, medical providers, financial and long-term disability specialists.

The role of the Peer Advocate is to ensure that:

  1. Each member is properly set up in the Workers’ Compensation system BEFORE an injury occurs.
  2. Each member knows EXACTLY what their options are when they are injured in order to achieve the best recovery outcome and return to full duty as soon as possible.
  3. Each member is educated to handle the voluminous other paperwork required to stay in control of the process instead of being controlled by it.

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