Find out from your members how your Workers’ Compensation system is working. At no cost and no obligation to you.

Stop guessing what the problems are.

Questions You Need Answers To:

How It Works

We welcome the opportunity to survey your membership at no cost or obligation to you. The survey is 100% anonymous and HIPAA-compliant to protect the privacy of your members. Personal information is never tracked or revealed.

It's as easy as this. Just fill out the email form.

We do the rest.

  • A dedicated link is sent to all active and retired personnel.
  • Results are compiled and analyzed.
  • Full survey results are made available to Union officers.
  • Presentation of results is given to the assembly of Union or Association members.
  • Printed synopsis with highlights of the survey is distributed.

Whether your union decides to adopt the Peer Advocate Program or not, the results of the survey will put you in a better position to serve your membership.

Is your Workers’ Compensation System Working?